Why Repairing Your Current Appliances Makes More Sense


It’s time we all consider what we can do to curb the mounting height of trash in our landfills. Maintaining your appliances, rather than replacing, is one way to help. Most often, repair is the less costly and more environmentally-friendly choice. 

Six Reasons To Consider Repairing vs. Replacing Your Appliance

  • You will keep our landfills clean
  • Every penny counts- repair is often cheaper than replacing
  • The new appliance may not match your existing appliances
  • Your current appliances are typically more reliable than newer ones
  • Saves you the hassle and inconvenience of shopping for a new appliance
  • Because you love your current appliances and just don’t want to part with them!

Of course at some point all appliances just stop working. When this happens, consider purchasing reconditioned rather than new.